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Friday's Letters to the Editor

EDITOR: At last Sara Palin and the tea party can find common ground with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. They all condemn WikiLeaks.

That scoundrel Julian Assange has been embarrassing all of these highly trusted people who do such good work keeping things running so smoothly. He gives us a good look at what they really say and how they think. It shows their utter contempt for anything approaching real democracy.

It's not that surprising that columnist David Brooks would jump on the bandwagon (“The fragile world community,” Wednesday). He starts off by discrediting Assange as a person, a sure sign of a hit-piece to follow. My favorite line is, “Iran's neighbors are properly alarmed and reaching out.” This is Brooks-speak for “cut the head off the snake” or “please bomb Iran.”

It is also a little embarrassing to contemplate the acceptance of Saudi Arabia (from whom we buy oil) being the main backers of al-Qaida. So we are funding a country that supports terrorists. This damages our credibility.

Nobody is safe with WikiLeaks blabbing such embarrassing accusations. Kill the messenger.


Santa Rosa

It's still smart

EDITOR: I drive to work every weekday morning on Highway 101. When I drive alone, the traffic is no different than it was before construction — frequent stop and go. I supported the Highway 101 construction, but we also need the SMART train. I'm looking forward to the day when I can ride or drive to the SMART station in Windsor and get to work without the risk and hassle of driving. SMART is smart for everyone in Sonoma County. Keep hope alive. The SMART train is coming.



A miracle?

EDITOR: In plays and operas, it is common for a whimsical situation or line to be placed before a dramatic or terrifying event, giving it a stronger effect. In regard to the political media as of late, our friends in New York City haven't caught the drift. MSNBC and Fox News' 24-hour overkill not only diminishes the importance of congressional conflicts, but it weakens the impact of stories that are truly threatening or urgent.

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