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Monday's Letters to the Editor

EDITOR: The joke used to be, How do you turn the average American into a furious, raving lunatic? The answer: Drive at the speed limit. Now it's how do you alienate America's noblest allies around the world? The answer: Reveal what we actually think of them.

But the real irony of the WikiLeaks fol-de-rol is that the citizens of the world already know exactly what America thinks of them. Does anyone outside the Fox News pale believe that Hamid Karzai is shocked to be thought corrupt? Or Vladimir Putin, a thug? Or, or, or . . .

No, the only people stunned at WikiLeaks' revelations are average Americans. They're a blank piece of paper when it comes to their own government's workings, domestic or international, especially a post-9/11 government believing it's privileged to operate in total secrecy. They like the warm fuzzy image of America as the home of Superman, champion of truth, justice and the American way, a notion eagerly promoted by the smirking Sarah Palin or the ranting Glenn Beck. Those unpleasant non-Americans out there, they only hate us because they're jealous, not because they know anything.

How do you sink the proud golden galleon of the U.S. State Department? The answer: Put it in the water.



Economic aspirin

EDITOR: If money circulates, can we think of money as the blood of the economy? Businesses in America have had one of the most profitable years in a while. They are sitting on $1.5 trillion in unspent cash. That money is sitting in banks, not circulating. They also are demanding, through their Republican Party, to continue their tax cuts.

These cuts cost almost $1 trillion that never got into our economy. Forty-seven thousand factories closed in America during the Bush years.

Bad circulation. Clogged arteries. What's the treatment? Aspirin.

When unemployment insurance was paid out, that money went directly into the economy. Unemployment insurance is like aspirin in the circulation of money, and tax cuts are like fat in the system and clog the arteries.

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