Dec. 11 Letters to the Editor

EDITOR: Hats off to Piner High students on their Christmas project at Monroe Elementary (“Holiday giveaway,” Friday). In the recent tragic events of young children's lives lost, the face of Jasmin Gonzalez gave me a sense of peace, hope and happiness.


Santa Rosa

WikiLeaks' value

EDITOR: In our society solutions seem to evolve as needs arise. Right now, there is a big need — our government is out of control, and it was inevitable that WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning or others with integrity would eventually put the brakes on.

It is sad that with something as precious as our democracy and our very freedoms at stake that Americans are angry with WikiLeaks and seem to have totally missed the big picture — the dishonesty and lack of integrity of those representing “we the people” in our government. It is the very behavior of our elected and appointed officials that is endangering the security of our nation and giving away our democracy.

I choose to believe that our country was not founded on an orchestrated set of lies designed to make other countries do what we want them to. Any person or country that uses lies and deceit to accomplish their goals is destined to fail.

We should thank WikiLeaks and young people with integrity, such as Manning, for lighting the warning fires. We need to put the anger where the anger belongs, on our government and the corporate world it represents. If we don't heed this warning, anybody who cherishes their freedoms will be truly sorry.


Santa Rosa

My earnings

EDITOR: Joan McAuliffe (“Taxes vs. benefits,” Letters, Sunday) cannot understand why anyone with income of more than $250,000 doesn't want to pay more taxes “to the system that provided them with the lifestyle this affords them.” Allow me to explain just one viewpoint.

No one ever gave me anything. I have worked since I was 12 years old. If I wanted extra clothes, a bicycle or a sewing machine, I had to work for it and buy it myself. I have continuously worked hard, striving to better my position and stature in life. I worked 12-hour days in high-tech (no overtime), did not over spend and invested wisely.

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