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EXTRA LETTERS: Readers react to PD editorial calling for fluoridation

EDITOR: I was stunned to read your Sunday editorial about combating tooth decay in our children (“The Solution: Fluoridate our water now”). Some solution. Dumping an industrial waste product into our water supply for every one of our citizens to ingest.

Dental fluorosis is not as rare as you think, and it is far from the only adverse health effect of drinking fluoridated water. Please educate yourself by going to www.fluoridation.com. Fluoride is an industrial waste product generated in huge quantities by the fertilizer, aluminum, steel and computer chip industries. To safely dispose of this hazardous material is a monumental headache for these industries. No wonder they are thrilled when communities volunteer to take this garbage off their hands by dumping it into their water supply.

It's the same mentality that pushes prescription drugs when lifestyle changes could do a better job. The establishment of free dental health clinics for our disadvantaged children is a great first step. When these programs also include education on diet and proper home care, we will see a big difference in the dental health of our children — without poisoning all of us.


Santa Rosa

Kids deserve better

EDITOR: I know there's a lot of distrust of government agencies, but it's a proven scientific fact that water fluoridation works to prevent dental decay. I moved to Santa Rosa to practice pediatric dentistry almost two years ago from Los Angeles (a fluoridated community). When comparing the communities, the difference in the ability to manage dental care is astounding.

Where there was fluoridation, a small, non-cavitated lesion on tooth enamel could be monitored for months or years without progression of decay. Those affected teeth were being reinforced by tiny amounts of fluoride mineral administered with every sip from a public water source. In Sonoma County, that isn't the case. Regularly I have seen tiny spots on teeth turn huge in record time.

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