Tuesday's Letters to the Editor

EDITOR: Thank you for printing Maura Casey's commentary (“Catholic women can't stay silent any more,” Feb. 26). Her story inspires a response from outside the church.

The church has made a terrible mess, sending forth children whose shame and pain will follow them through life. Finding darkness and corruption, church officials should have humbly apologized, begging forgiveness, but instead, they have put on brocaded robes and fancy hats and told women that we should go back to serving as breeding machines, return to reproductive slavery.

Why is it when some men get themselves in trouble, the first thing they want to do is handcuff the women? Well, they'll have to catch us first. Women today have choices, build careers and vote. Some men may not like that, but that's the way it is.

In Iraq, women received free education and health care and could walk safely on the streets. When the United States toppled Saddam, that ended, and women are now imprisoned in their homes, must seek education and health care secretly and must cover themselves in black, tent-like robes when they leave home.

That could happen here, too; don't think it can't.

Every woman who feels enraged at male-dominated discussions of her reproductive life should stand up and be counted and vote for candidates who support her right to full personhood.



Double standard

EDITOR: I do not recall a front page article that lambasted Bill Maher for his use of a derogatory name in describing Sarah Palin. While I do not condone what Rush Limbaugh said (“Obama joins in Limbaugh backlash,” Friday), he has the right to make his comments, as does Maher.

What bothers me is the double standard your paper continually advances. Is it because your liberal readers enjoy the bubble they all live in? I am so fed up with the double standard and hypocrisy embraced by the left.


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