Monday's Letters to the Editor

Ruling parties

EDITOR: Vern Henderson (“Single-party rule,” Letters, Wednesday) made a valid point about one-party rule leading to tyranny.

Since 2010, the Republican Party has controlled 24 state legislative bodies and governorships. These one-party states have enacted voter-suppression laws that require eight hours waiting in line to vote, anti-abortion laws that force women to submit to vaginal probes and xenophobic show-me-your-papers laws designed to intimidate minorities. They also have engaged in union-busting efforts at the behest of their rich corporate overlords.

Henderson believes that California Democrats will be a downstream tyranny problem and links them to everything but the devil himself. I think he is correct about one-party rule leading to tyranny. However, I strongly suspect that was never the real intent of his letter.


Santa Rosa

Unfit for the job

EDITOR: Think about it. Susan Rice for secretary of state, a woman who at a meeting with other government leaders allegedly gave the finger to Richard Holbrooke, a man of demonstrated talents and unquestionable stature. Evidently he said something that annoyed her. One wonders how she would react to a remark from some head of state — Vladimir Putin? Mohammed Morsi? Hugo Chavez? — that annoyed her.

She’s not fit for the job.



An exemplary career

EDITOR: Any pilot or student pilot who dealt with the staff at Dragonfly Aviation was a more proficient and happier flier for it (“Dragonfly aviation makes hard final landing,” Nov. 26). Bob Archibald is an extraordinary instructor and a true gentleman who took personal interest in everyone who walked in.

Flight training takes enormous communication skills along with a huge range of knowledge. Archibald taught professional pilots, who are crucial to commerce, and recreational pilots, who learn the disciplined thrill of flying those wonderful machines into the sky and landing them safely on the ground.

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