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EXTRA LETTERS: Readers react to Newtown shooting

EDITOR: Are we a nation of cowards, bullied by the National Rifle Association and the gun lobby? When are we going to rise up and demand laws banning assault rifles? I defy any responsible gun owner to look in the eyes of a parent whose child has been murdered in this manner and say that he or she feels the law is adequate the way it is.

Will our politicians get some backbone, get out of the pockets of the pro-gun crowd and enact some responsible legislation in the face of this latest tragedy? We watch and wait.



Finding a solution

EDITOR: Another horrible act of violence. Next comes the caterwauling of gun-control aficionados, then the pronouncements of rights by the gun-control opponents. Finally ... nothing will happen, except more violence.

Our society is inundated by intolerance, revenge and violence. Television, movies, computer games; it's the fast-draw, vengeful, emotionless, take-no-prisoners warriors who are our heroes. It's little wonder the disenfranchised pick up a gun.

There is a regulation in America that an advertiser cannot show a person drinking whiskey. Why? Because the suggestion of drinking may lead some to abuse. Why not the same prohibitions on showcasing violence? The entertainment lobby, with its prostituted lawmakers, makes a mockery of free speech. Our forefathers gave us the First Amendment to speak our mind against the government. They must be turning in their graves to see how the courts have besmirched that right with their pandering to entertainment payoffs.

Now many will vilify the National Rifle Association protecting the Second Amendment. If the gun-control folks would give up their passion for banning guns and work to control widespread violence, would the NRA use its vast member and dollar resources to promote anti-violence?



Just double-talk

EDITOR: Just when I thought the news couldn't get worse, Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox to suggest that the Connecticut school shootings occurred because “we don't let God into our public schools.” If I thought Huckabee really believed that nonsense, I'd wonder what kind of monster his god must be, but it's just his way of standing up for the Second Amendment. If we have to sail on this ship of fools, could we at least be spared the sanctimonious double talk?

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