Wednesday’s Letters to the Editor

Unsafe driving

EDITOR: Ronald Crowley (“Safe cycling,” Letters, Thursday) and others like him needs to drop their holier-than-thou attitude. Let’s ask police to step up enforcement on four wheelers who are texting, talking on the phone, running stop signs, cutting others off, speeding in and out of lanes and displaying road rage. Repeat drunken drivers? They should never drive again. What about SUVs parked in school’s no-parking bicycle lanes and cars that strafe cyclists? Lastly, ticket and fine drivers who don’t turn on their headlights when they should or use their turn signals.

These fines would go to making more bicycle lanes and paths and cleaning existing bicycle lanes so bicyclists can stay to the right.

We own a car, a large van, a trailer, three motorcycles and four bicycles.

On the helmet issue, we are in the motorcycle business and are avid bicyclists. We always wear helmets, but we also do not believe there should be a law that says you have to. Just a law that says if you break your head, you fix it.



Protecting abalone

EDITORS: The red abalone protection plan epitomizes the bureaucratic impediments we are up against in attempting to save life on this planet, whether it is abalone or human, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that exceptional measures are required (“Abalone hunters asked to weigh in on protection plan,” March 2).

Although four of the five species of abalone are no longer around, and the remaining red abalone is in serious decline, this “sustainable” protection plan proposes a two-hour later start time for going into the water and not allowing abalone to be taken south of the county line. These bandage measures are almost meaningless, especially with only a few wardens patrolling the entire Northern California coast.

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