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Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

Enforcing the law

EDITOR: I think that the people of Mendocino County who elected Sheriff Tom Allman expected him to uphold and enforce all the laws, not just the ones he likes or dislikes on a personal basis (“Sheriff Allman joins gun debate,” Saturday). I'm sure that Allman, if faced with someone with an assault rifle with a 30-round clip, would say, “Good for the Second Amendment. He (or she) needs that for hunting.”


Santa Rosa

Whistle-blower jailed

EDITOR: John Kiriakou, a former CIA officer and whistle-blower, has been sentenced to 30 months in prison (“Ex-CIA officer gets prison in news leaks,” Saturday). In 2007, he confirmed the use of water-boarding and described it as torture. He joins Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning and many others pursued by the government in an effort to intimidate those with access to “secrets” from releasing them.

When President Barack Obama was campaigning, he indicated he would support whistle-blowers. Now, in power, he doesn't, though whistle-blowers are supposedly protected by the Whistle-blower Protection Act of 1989. Hypocrisy is an equal opportunity pastime.

No one involved with torturing detainees has been sent to prison. What a surprise.

For a democracy to function, citizens need to know what's really happening. And we don't.


Santa Rosa

Drugging the masses

EDITOR: My four children never had a cavity. They grew up in Stockton, so we wondered if Stockton fluoridated the water during the time we were there and if that could be the reason the kids had such good teeth.

But we discovered that the powers-that-be in Stockton realized that only 2 percent of the water used actually was ingested, and the water ingested did nothing for the teeth. They agreed that fluoride just might help teeth if they were brushed with it. They then decided that if people thought they needed fluoride, they could certainly get it elsewhere. It is very costly to fluoridate a water system and they couldn't see doing it for such a small return on investment. Amazing that they had the foresight to do it this way.

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