Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

Saving a life

EDITOR: Recently, a friend of mine suffered cardiac arrest at home before leaving for work.

He is alive today because his wife called 911 immediately and spoke with REDCOM dispatch.

He is alive because his wife and son immediately performed aggressive hands-only CPR as directed by the dispatcher.

He is alive because a Gold Ridge fire engine arrived within minutes, firefighters continued CPR and shocked him with an AED.

He is alive because a Sonoma Life Support ambulance paramedic arrived a minute later to provide advanced care and transport him to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

He is alive because he was treated expertly at the hospital.

He's now home because our EMS system worked exactly as it was designed. His smile and sore chest are a testament to the value of hands-only CPR performed immediately by family or bystanders.

Question: Do the friends, family and community around you know how to do hands-only CPR? Will you know what to do when it is your family member or friend?

If the answer is no, go to heartrescuenow.com. You can learn how to save a life in less than five minutes.



Treating mental illness

EDITOR: Tammie Pisors wrote that she needs to have a “rapid fire semi-automatic weapon with at least a 30-round clip to stop an out-of-control rights-abusing government” (“Citizen firepower,” Letters, Feb. 6). Hmmm, is she suicidal? Is she planning to overthrow such a government with force and violence? Doesn't she remember what happened to Randy Weaver's family, to David Koresh and his followers? The only way to change the government today is with the ballot, not with bullets.

What we do need is sensible gun control. What we need even more is a system to treat people who have mental health problems.

The Fort Bragg tragedy could have been prevented; thousands of dollars and three lives saved had such a system been in place. When the Fort Bragg family pleaded for help, they were turned down.

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