Feb. 27 Letters to the Editor

Not welcome

EDITOR: Roger Hill, a convicted thief and murderer, is to be given parole (“SR killer wins parole; wife of victim 'sad,' ” Friday). The article says he has a marketable skill — making optical lenses — and will live with relatives. I wonder how long the relatives will keep him after his incarceration of more than 25 years. He would not be welcomed in my neighborhood.

I wonder how many employers would be willing to hire him with the huge amount of qualified, law-abiding people out of work and looking for jobs.

I realize the prisons are crowded and some prisoners must be released, but I would think the parole board would release prisoners with lesser past offenses and not someone with such past crimes.



Bridging Petaluma

EDITOR: Petaluma's new Copeland Creek Bridge is wonderful, but it needs a classier name. It should be named for someone who made walking around town his life's work; a lifelong Petaluma booster, beloved by all; someone who lived right in between east and west Petaluma his whole life and never drove an automobile across the Petaluma River but who made walking across the river fashionable.

How about the Bill Soberanes Memorial Bridge?



Misleading statistic

EDITOR: Lately our county has been bombarded with a United Nations claim that one in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. The U.N. fails to cite any sources for this claim, and the latest U.N. report on violence against women provided by a U.N. media officer when asked for such does not make the one-in-three claim.

By extrapolation of this lifetime figure, Eve Ensler, author of “The Vagina Monologues,” assumes that, worldwide, one billion women have been raped or beaten. Consequently, this year's V-Day theme was “one billion rising.” Technically, this number is correct, but only if you equate being beaten with having ever experienced any form of physical violence, such as being pushed or slapped.

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