Friday's Letters to the Editor

A manner of speaking

EDITOR: The English language has a rich tradition of borrowing words and expressions from other languages for their ability to convey concepts in a succinct and colorful way. Consider these examples in the context of recent news:

• Fait accompli. In the Trayvon Martin case, was anyone truly surprised or shocked by that jury's verdict?

• Faux pas. Given that two teenagers had died in the Asiana Airline crash (and, more recently, an even younger girl succumbed to her injuries), who really cared about the identity of the pilots? Why the rush at KTVU to air those names? Was it that important to get it first rather than to get it right?

• A priori. In the sad saga of Supervisor Efren Carrillo, police investigators appear to know what his intentions were, and they've been all too happy to share those thoughts publicly. Meanwhile, in the court of public opinion, Carrillo already is being referred to as something of a “sexual predator.” Doesn't one have to be convicted of a sex crime in order to be labeled as such?

• Schadenfreude. Paula Deen. Enough said.


Santa Rosa

Seeking a moral compass

EDITOR: Our 19-year-old son walked out one morning recently and said with sadness, “I've learned something new today. I've learned that anybody can kill a black man in America and not have to suffer the consequences.” We all sat quietly thinking of Trayvon Martin and his family. What has happened to our country, and where do our young men and women find a moral compass from which to steer their lives when such an injustice occurs?


Santa Rosa

Media overkill

EDITOR: Over the past two months, one would think the earth revolved around the Zimmerman/Martin tragedy. And as tragic as it was, the default position of the media, virtually on every station, has been and continues to be spending inordinate amounts of time and money on any story involving even a hint of race.

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