Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

EDITOR: Comments by Palm Drive CEO Tom Harlan in a PD article (“North Coast Hospitals facing rocky transition,” Sunday) indicate just what is wrong with the cost of medical care today. As quoted, he intends to boost revenues by increasing certain procedures, such as MRIs, wound care, 3-D mammography and new spine procedures.

If medically indicated, doctors should already be prescribing them today. Since they apparently are not, or not in the numbers he plans, it certainly seems that the primary reason to perform them would be to increase hospital income, not to improve patient outcomes.

Could it be they are more interested in raising revenues than providing appropriate care for their patients? I certainly would have second thoughts about ever going to Palm Drive Hospital.


Santa Rosa

Not enough facts?

EDITOR: Really? Rita S. Karvonen stated in her letter to the editor (“Mindless protests,” Tuesday) “those protesters are definitely not qualified to protest since they could not possibly know the facts.” The fact is eight shots were fired. And, as a result of these shots, young, Andy Lopez is dead.

I, for one, am enraged about this incident. Eight shots fired is excessive. From what I have been reading about police training, it appears police officers are being trained to protect themselves at the expense of serving us, the civilians. Maybe we can change how police officers are being trained. I know I do not want to live in a police state.

And, Rita, although I do not agree with your opinion, you have no right to begrudge me, mine. We live in the United States of America. We have the right of free speech. Shame on you.


Santa Rosa

Recognizing a toy

EDITOR: My heart bleeds for the family of the 13-year-old shot by a Sonoma County sheriff's deputy. It seems that almost every week, teenagers and adults across America are shooting people. So I can understand officers' concern for their safety. My concern is why in the world would a 13-year-old be carrying a replica of a military assault weapon? What was he thinking?

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