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Sunday's Letters to the Editor

The wrong priorities

EDITOR: I read Tuesday's paper just shaking my head — again.

The big story was that metering lights installed 10 years ago may get turned on in March. OK, so what?

Page A4 had a photo of a homeless man, wrapped in garbage bags against the cold, crossing a street in Los Angeles.

Page A7 reported that the Mega Millions jackpot was nearing a new record — standing ready to randomly make someone a multi-millionaire.

Page B1 had a report about the body of a homeless man found near a shelter in Petaluma.

And a letter to the editor asserted that 40 percent of the food in this country is wasted.

Where are our priorities as a society? We installed metering lights that sit idle while homeless men wrap themselves in garbage bags and die on our streets? And some lucky lottery player becomes a millionaire?

Think about this — and what our society could be — then vote someone into our country's leadership who will do something of, by and for the people rather than their greedy selves. And just for kicks, take care of one another.

Now that would feel like Christmas.


Santa Rosa

Focus on transit

EDITOR: Extending the SMART train to the airport is a no-brainer, as would be an extension to the Larkspur ferry terminal. Regional transportation should be a priority, and while I appreciate the need for improvements to our highway system, I am tired of seeing constant highway projects that don't really address the long-term need of getting commuters out of their cars. An integrated, comprehensive transportation system should be a priority and not viewed as a pet project that needs special consideration.


Santa Rosa

Immorality of SUVs

EDITOR: The devastation being caused by Americans' addiction to gas-guzzling SUVs and other fossil-fuel energy use is nowhere more apparent than in the planet's oceans.

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