Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

Bail and justice

EDITOR: I commend Sonoma County law enforcement's efforts to curb sex trafficking in our community. Staff Writer Mary Callahan wrote an excellent article explaining the shift in tactics and its rationale (“Detctives' sex sting does brisk business,” Sunday).

There is one note in the article that, to my ear, was off key — “all of those arrested . . . bailed out within a few hours.” The sentence implies that law enforcement's efforts are for naught when a suspect bails out of jail. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Bail doesn't work to save a defendant from punishment. Rather, it saves the taxpayers from the expense of housing, feeding and caring for defendants while they await a court trial. A bail bond guarantees that the defendant will make each and every court appearance. If the defendant skips out, then the bail agent will find and return the defendant to the court's jurisdiction — if not, the bail agent pays the full amount of the bond.

In the end, the judge, jury, prosecution and defense see to it that justice is served. Bail is the only means to ensure defendants answer to their charges without taking money from public coffers to do so.


Owner, Romelli Bail Bonds

Nosy news

EDITOR: It seems we are not as progressive as we think when someone A) has to declare his sexual preference at all, and B) it makes a top news story all day long. I think the No. 1 commandment should have been mind your own business. Why are so many people interested in what other consenting adults do in the bedroom? Surely they have more pressing issues at hand.


Monte Rio

'Scientific fraud'

EDITOR: If anyone from The Press Democrat had attended the lectures in Santa Rosa given by Paul Connett or dentist Bill Osmunson you would know that there is considerable scientific evidence against fluoridating our municipal water supplies. That is why most European countries do not fluoridate; that is why Israel discontinued fluoridation; that is why Portland and Davis voted against it in 2013.

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