Santa Rosa medical device maker TriVascular Technologies reported its revenues increased 62 percent in the second quarter.

Sales grew to $7.8 million, up from $4.8 million a year earlier, the company said Wednesday.

“We had a strong second quarter reflecting ongoing momentum in commercializing our innovative Ovation Stent Graft platform,” President and CEO Chris Chavez said in a statement.

The stent graft system repairs abdominal aortic aneurysms, bulges in the aorta that can rupture, causing internal bleeding and death.

TriVascular reported a net loss for the second quarter of $14.6 million, compared to a loss of $12.8 million for a year earlier. That amounted to a loss of 87 cents per share, compared to a loss of $22.33 a year ago before TriVascular’s initial public offering last April.

The company noted that 4,300 patients worldwide have received the Ovation implants.

Robert Digitales

North Coast Fire Insurance Claims

County: Sonoma

Homes (partial and total): 11,469

Auto: 2,659

Business: 590

Total Loss: $2.79 billion

County: Mendocino

Homes (partial and total): 447

Auto: 112

Business: 11

Total Loss: $118 million

County: Lake

Homes (partial and total): 250

Auto: 29

Business: 3

Total Loss: $51 million

County: Napa

Homes (partial and total): 1,613

Auto: 239

Business: 104

Total Loss: $273 million

Source: State Insurance Department

Previous Costliest US Wildland Fires (insured loss)

Fire: Oakland Hills fire, California

Year: 1991

Cost: $1.7 billion

Fire: Witch fire, California

Year: 2007

Cost: $1.3 billion

Fire: Cedar fire, California

Year: 2003

Cost: $1 billion

Fire: Old fire, California

Year: 2003

Cost: $975 million

Fire: Great Smoky Mountains fire, Tennessee

Year: 2016

Cost: $938 million

Fire: Valley fire, California

Year: 2015

Cost: $921 million


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