Stories from CW Nevius

The A's have run into that Yogi Berra truism: 'If people don't want to come to the ballpark, no one can stop them.'
Warriors-rooters, take a seat. We're only one game into a long march.
Watching him at the Masters this weekend, there was the realization that this may be all the Tiger Woods we are going to get.
For a team that lost 98 games last year, it is not the start they had in mind.
The Warriors are hoping to flip the switch in the playoffs and go on a deep run. Right now, you wonder if they can find the switch.
In a public swirl of shouting, blaming and shaming, baseball may be the antidote to slow everything down.
If it is true that teams are hesitating to sign the safety because of activism, the NFL and I have a problem.
As the 2018 season heads for the playoffs, the realization is hitting East Bay fans: Next season will be the Warriors' last in Oakland.
Last Tuesday was the fifth anniversary of the February night when the eventual two-time MVP came to Madison Square Garden and took over the place.
Getting huffy was kind of a theme at this year's Winter Games.