Stories from CW Nevius

When San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich lit me up for asking a dumb question after Game 2, I heard from folks from all over.
The Warriors didn’t just defeat the Spurs in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals. They stole their heart, crushed their spirit and made off with their lunch money. The result? America dislikes the Dubs even more.
The Giants thought they had plugged holes in their lineup by adding several important players, but instead they have one of the worst records in baseball.
Every team in the NBA wants to emulate the Warriors’ close-knit, communal culture. Good luck with that, says PD columnist C.W. Nevius.
The rollout of Christian Arroyo is the kind of orchestrated debut we haven’t seen in some time. C.W. Nevius says it’s been months in the making.
Anything but a ring this year would seem like a step back for the Warriors. But PD columnist C.W. Nevius says it is important to remember how horrible the Warriors used to be.
A 13-day cross-country road trip nearly broke the Golden State Warriors this year. PD columnist C.W. Nevius says it was a cynical exercise in running the NBA’s coolest, shiniest product right into the ground.
PD columnist C.W. Nevius thinks it is inevitable that former Giants slugger Barry Bonds will get a statue at AT&T Park. But we don’t have to like it.
Raiders fans have given everything to their team, only to have their hearts broken. Again. PD sports columnist C.W. Nevius weighs in on the Raiders’ decision to move to Las Vegas.
Quarterback’s stance on the national anthem wouldn’t keep NFL teams from signing him if he was producing on the field.