Stories from CW Nevius

Bright and early Sunday, we kick off with a game featuring the vice-presidential-snit-inducing 49ers.
Absorbing hits puts the franchise’s cornerstone at risk of an injury and decreases his ability to deliver the ball from the pocket.
Sunday's primetime loss in Washington, D.C. was brutal — but this week's game matters more.
The president has tried to spin the backlash as a triumph for him. But we’re not hearing many people speak up against the players.
In this miserable catastrophe of a season, the Giants’ catcher has done more than anyone to hold the team together.
Stanford coach Davis Shaw is saddled with a narrative that his game plan is too cautious, too conservative and too obvious.
AT&T Park is statistically the poorest location for home runs in all of baseball — and not by a small margin.
Cheery quarterback isn’t just the Raiders’ meal ticket on the field, he’s also the face of the organization.
The department is losing millions, the alumni are angry and the big-ticket teams are struggling.
Increasingly, it is hard to shake the thought that these men are hurling their bodies into medical danger for our amusement.