Stories from CW Nevius

Opponents of a new ballpark near Lake Merritt have been lining up for months. And they weren’t waffling either.
To do something as dumb as starting a fight with an opponent at this critical juncture is mind-boggling.
I guess we all knew the Baseball Hall of Fame vs. steroids debate was going to reach a tipping point sooner or later.
In the wake of deadly wildfires that ravaged the North Bay, a small return to normalcy like cheering on our favorite teams can provide much-needed respite, columnist C.W. Nevius writes.
OK, NFL protesters, you’ve got our attention. Now what?
Kyle Shanahan admitted he's toying with the idea of playing the QB now, and acknowledging that he runs into advocates for the idea everywhere, even at home.
49ers fans, you're probably not going to like this. But hear me out.
The Golden State Warriors are quickly learning that other teams have no intention of just handing them the NBA title.
To be a head coach you're going to have to look someone in the eye — someone you might like and admire — and tell them they are done.
Bright and early Sunday, we kick off with a game featuring the vice-presidential-snit-inducing 49ers.