Stories from CW Nevius

Why should the team spend the rest of the linebacker's career hoping he doesn’t slip again?
The last big deal the team swung during the season was back in 2012. And, says general manager Bob Myers, that's no accident.
It’s hard to take seriously, but we watch the Super Bowl anyway
NBA players and referees are engaged in an epic bickerfest. Even the league office is concerned.
When the 49ers made the deal, it seemed like an interesting move that might pan out. Now, with the benefit of perspective, we realize what it was. A freakin’ miracle.
It seems a perfect time for a last hurrah with the team Jon was born to coach.
Not many coaches can return to the game and succeed.
At the end of the year, everyone’s favorite preseason Super Bowl pick plummeted down the standings like a runaway toboggan.
For NFL quarterbacks, an injury is virtually a rite of passage.
The LaVar and Lonzo Ball situation has gone from hilarious to cringe-inducing and back again five times — and this is only the Lakers' 28th game.