Stories from CW Nevius

Columnist’s years of covering the U.S. Open on Father’s Day weekend created an unbreakable association between the pro sporting event and Dad’s late-in-life rediscovery of the game.
I keep thinking back to the end of the season, when some cracks appeared in the smoothest facade in sports.
It was a thunderbolt of good fortune to have this charming, gifted savant at the center of everything the Warriors do.
Once again it is time to consider our feelings about LeBron James and the NBA Finals.
Admit it, Warriors fans, you lost faith in the first half of Game 7 against the Rockets. Then, they abruptly, and improbably, became, once again, the World’s Best Team.
Golden State forced winner-take-all game at Houston by reverting to an old formula.
It is hard to imagine what it must be like to be the Warriors coach. He is psychologist, life coach and clipboard breaker.
PD's columnist CW Nevius is not impressed with NFL's new policy on kneeling during the anthem.
The fact that the Warriors’ Western Conference faceoff with Houston is tied 1-1 has propelled sports punditry into hyperdrive.
When the season ends, the where-is-LeBron-going sweepstakes game will kick off. But potential suitors should be clear what they would be acquiring.