Stories from Food Business

Jan Rosen is now the sole proprietor of the Petaluma restaurant, adding her special Rosen touch to a menu that’s better than ever.
In an effort to battle no-shows, several upscale restaurants are requiring diners to pay for all or a portion of their upcoming meal in advance.
Fans of the Fremont Diner can look forward to a new funky-chic eatery within Sonoma city limits, possibly located at a historic gas station.
After the sale of Krave Jerky, Jon Sebastiani has moved on to a few innovative snack foods, including gourmet marshmallows, soups and chips.   
Reishi Roast of Santa Rosa is a blend that includes reishi and chaga mushrooms, which are said to be good for boosting the immune system, de-stressing and detoxifying the body.