Stories from Movies

Bundle up and celebrate Halloween early with an outdoor showing of 'Young Frankenstein,' the story of Frankenstein’s grandson and a new monster experiment that goes horribly awry.
From 'The Matrix' to 'The Truman Show,' here are seven movies that could just change your life, according to the man who wrote a whole book on the subject.
The 2nd annual Alexander Valley Film Festival will screen everything from classics to indie darlings in Cloverdale, Geyserville and Healdsburg.
The film should come with a Harry Potter-like warning for those allergic to new whimsical vocabulary terms like 'ymbrines,' 'Hollows' and 'hollowgasts.' But go with it.
The entire 'Harry Potter' series is set to return to the big screen later this month.
Jewish Film Festival’s international series shows six films this fall.
The documentary, premiering Friday on Netflix, gives the participants of one of the most sensational trials of the century a chance to tell their story.
'London Road' spins its characters' words into song and heralds a new genre: the true-crime avant-garde musical.
The emotional core of the film is that family is what you make of it.
The film is long on violence and short on story, character development, motivation, and all the things that make any kind of violence satisfying to watch.