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The 54-year-old actor says the long-discussed sequel to 'Top Gun' is a sure thing and should start shooting soon.
Comedian turned filmmaker Jordan Peele is following up the remarkable success of "Get Out" with a provocative original thriller set for release in March 2019.
The recent death of Zack Snyder's daughter has driven the prominent filmmaker to step away from finishing the ensemble superhero movie 'Justice League.'
Nowhere are audience and critical reactions to films more closely measured, in standing ovation length or volubility of booing. Cannes can make a movie, but it can also break it. And it has humbled more than a few.
Zac Efron has signed on to star as Ted Bundy in a biopic about the serial killer.
Actor Steve Carell spent a long, busy day in Bodega recently shooting scenes for his latest movie.
Back in the black, video stores are experiencing a renaissance among film buffs and nostalgic Millennials.
Paris Jackson has agreed to take on a big screen role a few months after making her television acting debut.
The Walt Disney Co. on Tuesday announced the release date for the Colin Trevorrow-directed "Star Wars," as well as release dates for "Indiana Jones" and the live-action "Lion King."
The actress says she felt "completely stunned" and later felt guilty because she thought she could have done something to prevent the debacle.