Stories from Movies

Winners will be revealed at a Feb. 25 ceremony, airing live on IFC.
Based on the true story of an interracial couple’s legal fight to stay married, the film offers a slow-burning tale that captures the tension of the time.
The real story of Vinny Paz is hidden underneath a busy, cliché boxing biopic.
Snarky and sensitive in just the right measure, what initially looks like a glib exercise in adolescent mortification has the nerve to dig a little deeper.
'Fantastic Beasts' is 'Harry Potter' with adults, with the added pizzazz of all the salacious trappings of 1926 Jazz Age New York to spice up the style.
In this achingly inept thriller, you will see Naomi Watts do what she can to sell a plot of such preposterousness that the derisory laughter around me began barely 20 minutes in.
From seasonal concerts to theater productions, here are the live performances that are sure to get you in the holiday spirit.
The Petaluma skate park was taken over by a star-studded crew, including rapper Ludacris, as producer Ali Afshar returned once again to his hometown for the filming of his latest movie.
Francis Ford Coppola and 'The Outsiders' star Ralph Macchio will be together again on stage tonight in Napa Valley.