Stories from Phil Barber

Oakland headed off to the All-Star break riding a scalding 21-6 run.
The relief pitchers wound up being much more accurate than the rotation guys in the second game of the Giants-A's showdown.
The A’s entered Friday's game as one of the hottest teams in baseball, but they couldn’t get past their Bay Area rival in the first of six consecutive head-to-head games.
The longtime backup missed his second home run on Wednesday, but feels more are coming.
The union's grievance over the NFL's anthem policy isn't about protest, its about bargained labor rights.
Ice Cube's 3-on-3 league, played on a halfcourt, is a throwback to the days of pickup basketball but also, perhaps, a look to the future.
The rookie did good and bad things Thursday before sore ribs sent him to the bench.
San Francisco’s playoff hopes could be a victim of blown save opportunities.
Mexico fans experience heartbreak and hope at a Santa Rosa sports bar.
Adding this player would give the Warriors one of the few things they have lacked for at least three years: a big-time scorer off the bench.