Stories from Phil Barber

The "Conference of Champions" didn't make it out of the first round of the men's tournament.
Patrick "Packie" Turner, a trainer from Fort Bragg, got a break from Steph Curry and now has a growing NBA clientele.
Steve Kerr lets his players loosen up for a couple days, and his depleted lineup responds with a victory.
The cornerback’s rage may sometimes be directed at teammates — and that’s a good thing.
As a recent Warriors game showed, the Raiders owner has the humility to make this remarriage work.
Curry's injury may not prove to be a catastrophe. But it's not a great omen.
From the crimes of Smith and Miller to Kaepernick's protest to Culliver's homophobia, it's been a wild ride.
Every year, teams insist they value football over measurements. Every year, they prove otherwise.
Three years after Sonoma's Deets Winslow died in a boating accident, his son is fulfilling his wrestling destiny.
The FBI is threatening to take down college basketball, but it picked the wrong targets.