Stories from Phil Barber

The acting head coach constantly defers to Kerr, but he’s a big part of Golden State’s 12-0 playoff run.
Brian Shaw reflects on the 2001 LA team that went 11-0 before falling to the 76ers in overtime.
Look at the out-of-work quarterback and you'll see whatever you want to see.
Golden State knows that a 12-0 playoff record will mean nothing without the title.
The team is saying the right things, but is there a reason to believe the Spurs can win Game 4?
The All-Star guard has yet to get rolling this postseason, even as Golden State keeps winning.
The only question for Spurs fans is whether they’ll get to jeer at Zaza Pachulia.
As San Antonio faltered in Kawhi Leonard’s absence Tuesday, Golden State gained the mental edge and another win.
Spurs fans couldn’t have chosen a better villain than Zaza Pachulia, who may have a future as James Bond’s nemesis when his playing days are over.
Warriors-Cavaliers III will be special, but the path there lacks tension.