Stories from Phil Barber

Despite the Warriors' upbeat words and Chris Paul's injury, the Rockets could win this one.
The Warriors aren’t just struggling in the Western Conference final series. They have forgotten who they are.
Factors that might be overcome against any other team will haunt Golden State in this series.
In a series where little was going right for the Warriors star, he gritted his teeth and kept battling.
The Warriors and Rockets agree that force is what will decide the Western Conference final.
The 49er wasn't automatically guilty when charged. He isn't automatically innocent now.
The Warriors superstar has shot poorly in consecutive games, and it contributed to a loss in Game 2.
The young center gave up a lot of points to the Rockets' James Harden, but was it really his fault?
The two prolific scorers couldn’t be stopped in Game 1. But Harden’s teammates sure could.
The Warriors play basketball with free-flowing joy. The Rockets just want to lull you to sleep.