Rural Roblar Road, west of Cotati, remained closed Wednesday morning while PG&E crews worked to replace a power pole and lines knocked down during the night by a truck, the CHP said.

Crews were expected to have repairs completed by late morning and the road was due to open by noon.

The wooden pole toppled onto the roadway at about 11:30 p.m. after a speeding driver in a Toyota pickup crashed into it. It broke into three places and brought live power lines down onto the roadway.

After hitting the pole, the truck flipped, landing on the driver's side. The driver was able to get out and disappeared from the crash scene before emergency responders arrived, said CHP Officer Kerri Post.

The crash occurred between Stony Point Road and Peterson Road. Power was knocked out to the area, the CHP said.

Initial CHP reports indicated the crash scene became more complicated within minutes as a semi-truck turned onto the road soon after the pole came down. In trying to turn around the huge vehicle blocked the entire roadway and had to be removed.

An investigation into the crash and identity of the driver was ongoing, Post said.