Friday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Social engineering</b>

EDITOR: Vern Henderson's Dec. 25 letter ("Running fine") illustrates that government is out of control. There is no air-quality issue in central Sonoma County. Social engineers are simply trying to get people out of their cars and onto mass transit. They want to take citizen's freedom to travel and put them at the mercy of a transit union (think BART).

It is nobody's business how much gas Henderson uses or wishes to buy for his vehicle. It's his money. If the masterminds really want to get people out of their cars and reduce emissions, why don't they enforce the mandatory insurance laws (15 percent to 25 percent of California drivers don't have it)? They won't, because it would ruin another social engineering project.

Even though I am a tea party, right wing nut, my personal transportation choices revolve around walking, cycling and fuel economic vehicles. But that is my freedom of choice. Henderson and all other citizens have the right to exercise theirs as well.



<b>Learning the lessons</b>

EDITOR: We've all had the opportunity to debate responsibility for the death of Andy Lopez. Some suggest that the deputy should have been more patient. Others suggest that he had the right to protect himself and his partner.

Two arrests on Dec. 29 should be noted.

First, a 17-year-old Santa Rosa resident was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after allegedly stabbing two men multiple times.

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