<b>QUARTERBACKS: B</b> -#8212; Clutch play on game-winning drives more than offset Kaepernick's wasted timeouts and subpar completion percentage

<b>RUNNING BACKS: B</b> -#8212; Gore got the toughest yards in conditions that demanded toughness.

<b>RECEIVERS: A</b> -#8212; Boldin and Crabtree had huge days and Davis delivered the momentum-changer with TD catch.

<b>OFFENSIVE LINE: C</b> -#8212; Kaepernick mostly found his own room to run and Gore had few big holes to exploit.

<b>DEFENSIVE LINE: B</b> -#8212; Stifling play in first two Green Bay possessions, but Packers eventually found a few holes.

<b>LINEBACKERS: B</b> -#8212; Aldon Smith was a presence in the Green Bay backfield.

<b>DEFENSIVE BACKS: C</b> -#8212; When Rodgers had time, he had little trouble finding open targets for his passes.

<b>SPECIAL TEAMS: A</b> -#8212; Dawson wins it and LaMichael James sets up Davis TD with big kick return.

<b>COACHING / OVERALL:</b> A -#8212; Harbaugh kept focus off weather and team was unaffected by it.