<b>Untapped water supply</b>

EDITOR: With all the talk about the likelihood of a drought and the strong possibility of water rationing, isn't it about time the state gets serious about building water desalination plants?

Depending on adequate precipitation, whether in the Sierra or our own watershed, is foolhardy. Tapping the resource of the ocean to process and deliver fresh water seems to make sense.

Granted, it would take years to get these plants operational, but it is not too late to start. Think of the possibilities of generating enough fresh water to nourish the now-unused fields in the Central Valley, watering the vineyards in our area or filling the swimming pools of the Southland's rich and famous.

I believe Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature should take steps to stop funding the bullet train and use the money to start building these plants. Think of the employment opportunities this could mean in our area and the rest of the state.