Santa Rosa police detectives on Monday arrested a man they called a prolific graffiti tagger, the second graffiti-related arrest in several days.

An investigation into the identification of a tagger they say has vandalized numerous areas around Santa Rosa in the last eight months led police to Ariel Suarez-Godinez, 19, of Santa Rosa, police said in a news release Tuesday. He is believed to be responsible for at least 62 acts of vandalism, police said.

Police also found in the Roseland-area home where Suarez-Godinez was believed to be staying what they said is an illegal lab manufacturing concentrated cannabis. They arrested another man they found in the home, 21-year-old Francisco Jose Baltazar of Santa Rosa, in connection with manufacturing and possessing marijuana for sale.

Suarez-Godinez's arrest follows that of Santa Rosa resident Alisa Dolores Delao, 18, on Jan. 9 on suspicion of committing at least 21 acts of vandalism.

Police Sgt. Phil Brazis, who heads property crimes investigation, said the arrests resulted from police seeking leads about graffiti taggers.

"We've always had a desire to seek out vandals, but we've basically just looked at it and given it more of a priority lately," he said.

Brazis added anyone with information on taggers can report it to the property crimes investigation unit at 543-3575.