Thursday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Open or closed?</b>

EDITOR: South Salmon Creek Beach was closed during the state's big budget crunch. There is a sign indicating this at the turn off from Highway 1 where an iron bar stretches across the entrance to the parking lot. Yet on any sunny weekend the beach is full of people and dogs and remnants of campfires. Campfires and dogs are prohibited when the beach is "open." Families set up picnic tables and volleyball nets. Surfers frolic with seals. An endless parade of cars park along the narrow road leading to the beach. The only difference between when the beach is officially open and when it now is officially closed is the overflowing garbage cans and the unattended latrines.

I fail to see any logic here. What is the point of symbolically closing the beach if, in reality, it is more open than ever?


Santa Rosa

<b>No, no, no to SAY</b>

EDITOR: Juanita Roland and Lynda Hungerford, the co-presidents of the League of Women Voters of Sonoma County, are hypocrites as are all the other supporters of Social Advocate's for Youth's proposal to convert the former Warrack Hospital into rental housing ("Standing with SAY," Letters, Tuesday). They propose to bring these troubled children into my neighborhood, but are they willing to bring them into theirs? Live in their homes? Work in their businesses?

I have never read anything in The Press Democrat where any one of the supporters have made an offer to personally help, but they are more than happy to turn our beautiful Bennett Valley into the new Oakland.


Santa Rosa

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