Lakeport police have seized a pickup with a built-in siphoning system they believe was used in numerous gas thefts, a spokesman said Saturday.

Officers found the abandoned Chevy early Thursday parked in the area of Lakeshore Boulevard and Giselman Street, Chief Brad Rasmussen said.

A search turned up an elaborate siphon system concealed in a utility bed compartment. It was powered by the truck's battery and had hoses to divert fuel to the truck's tank and other containers, Rasmussen said.

It was capable of siphoning many gallons of gas in minutes, he said.

Officers also found numerous gas caps, confirming their belief that thefts had occurred, he said.

Rasmussen said the last reported gas theft was Jan. 1, but many thefts go unreported.

Police ask anyone who believes they are a victim to call the department at 263-5491.