The Montgomery Village hair salon, Biquor - Biquor of Beverly Hills, wins the prize for Most Fashionable Name.

You read that name on the window and you don't want to be seen even walking past without a poodle and pearls.

Original owner Shawn Finch, today a TV stylist with three Emmy nominations, tucked tongue into cheek when he gave the upscale Santa Rosa salon that name -#8212; a play on the celebrity fur store, Dicker - Dicker of Beverly Hills.

Finch opened on Fourth Street in 1987 and in -#8216;95 moved to Montgomery Village. He later sold Biquor - Biquor to partner Stacy McLaughlin and settled in L.A., where he's in his fourth season heading up hairstyling for NBC's "The Voice".

On Jan. 31, McLaughlin and partner Adelina Felciano will turn over the business to new owners. Felciano said it's been a great run and that the B-B of Beverly Hills brand "certainly has elevated the prestige of our salon."

What buyers Joleane Griffen and Melissa Jean Wilborn will rename it will become clear soon enough.

MARISA MAKES TV: Even before she graduated from Piner in -#8216;91, Marisa Taylor contracted a serious case of grape infatuation from her godfather and her dad.

After SRJC and Davis, she became a "lab rat" at Piper Sonoma and J Winery. Now she's winemaker at Napa Valley's Rutherford Hill.

On Saturday morning, KQED kicks off "Vintage," a six-part PBS series that delves into the work of three women winemakers through the abundant harvest of 2012.

Taylor is one of them. The third 30-minute episode follows her and her son, Ian, who's 4, as they venture back across the Napa/Sonoma line to meet up with Taylor's dad, Jim, and buy some grapes from family friend Tim Norris, a grower in Healdsburg.

The fitting title of Episode 3: "Homecoming Queen."

TASTY CRAB FEEDS happen nearly every day these days. If you don't already have tickets for one, some people struggling to assist children with diabetes following a cruel crime hope you might consider their Feb. 8 feast.

The Children's Diabetes Foundation of Northern California lost most of its money, $20,000, to embezzlement.

The theft has volunteers yearning for a grand turnout at the Crab Feed - Clam Pasta Dinner at the Petaluma Community Center. Details are on the group's website.

YOU SKETCH? Just for the joy of it, people of all ages and all around the globe will take up paper pads and pencils, pens or paints on Saturday and meet to sketch.

Locally, Sketchcrawl happens at Spring Lake Park. Artists will meet at 11 a.m. near the swimming lagoon snack bar, then set forth to sketch whatever grabs them.

Donna DeLaBriandais asks everyone to bring a lunch and return to the lagoon at 1 to eat and share their art.

It's a no-go in the event of wet weather. Wouldn't that be nice?

Everyone could stay home and sketch the return of rain as they watch, enthralled, through a window.

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