<b>A leadership drought</b>

EDITOR: We are about to find ourselves in a totally different state, a state of desperation and despair. Our water supply is about to evaporate. Let us be alarmed, very alarmed.

How could we have allowed ourselves to succumb to this untenable state of non-sustainability? Through arrogance and non-participation? Arrogance in allowing our elected leaders to run roughshod over their constituency? Non-participation in local events that reflect the sane choices to enhance life, not diminish it? Californians must send the message to the world, "We are in control of our destiny, and we choose life over luxury."

Shortsightedness and immediate gratification seem appropriate when everything is available online in an instant, but long-term planning and thinking of the generations yet to come require thoughtful consideration and appropriate action, which we are capable of.

Let us be the leaders of correct thinking. The Golden State has the resources. Do we have the will?


Potter Valley

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