<b>A bond? No thanks</b>

EDITOR: A Jan. 22 article said the Santa Rosa Junior College trustees are considering a survey of voter support for another bond measure for SRJC building ("SRJC to test bond appeal"). This is one person's contribution to that survey.

My property tax bill already includes added charges for one existing SRJC bond, two Santa Rosa elementary school bonds, two Santa Rosa high school bonds, the Warm Springs Dam bond and storm drains for a total of just over $600 per year above my regular property tax.

The article noted the junior college's tuition is $46 per credit, which is the "lowest in the nation." I have to ask myself, why would I vote for another bond measure, which would saddle me with additional taxes for decades, so that students can enjoy the lowest tuition in the country?

The article says that the state controls the cost of tuition. Therefore I suggest that the SRJC board direct its energy toward lobbying the state to raise tuition before asking voters for yet another bond measure.

They may count me as a voter not willing to consider another bond measure until an existing bond comes off my tax bill.


Santa Rosa