A man was arrested Friday morning as members of Teamsters Local 665 protested the use of non-Teamster concrete truck drivers at the site of Highway 101 construction at Airport Boulevard.

Six picketers showed up at the construction site between 5 and 6 a.m. as Caltrans contractors prepared to pour concrete for a new bridge carrying Airport Boulevard over Highway 101.

The construction is part of a $28.7 million project to improve the Airport Boulevard interchange, according to Caltrans.

The picketers were protesting the delivery of the concrete by Superior Supplies Inc., a company whose drivers they said are not in the Teamsters union. They were striking to encourage the company to allow its employees to be represented by the union, Teamsters Local 665 President Ralph Miranda said.

Miranda was arrested after he was warned that he could not picket on the freeway, said CHP Spokesman Jon Sloat. Officers directed him to a safe location on Airport Boulevard, and when he didn't comply, they arrested him, Sloat said. The other picketers disbanded at that point, around 7:30 a.m.

"The entire encounter was calm and polite," Sloat said.

Miranda, who had posted bail by Friday afternoon, said that he had been informed by the union's legal counsel that he was within his rights to protest on the construction site.

He said that the Teamsters will likely conduct another strike the next time concrete is poured at the project. Chris Snyder, the district representative for Operating Engineers Local 3, a union representing heavy equipment operators, said his union will support the Teamsters if they choose to strike again.

A manager for Superior Supplies said the company could not comment on the matter.

Caltrans spokesman Allyn Amsk said the pouring of the concrete was expected to be completed Friday afternoon.

(Staff Writer Matt Brown contributed to this report.)