Evolution vs. creation

EDITOR: About the controversy concerning the age of the earth (" &‘Science guy' stars in creation debate," Wednesday), astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said, "The great thing about science is, whether you believe in it or not, it's still true."



Opting out

EDITOR: I received a letter from Sonoma Clean Power informing me that as of May, I am a customer of the agency. Actually, I'm a customer of PG&E. By what authority have I been transferred? Of course, there is a way to opt out. I must call and state that I want to stay with PG&E.

If a person wishes to change to Sonoma Clean Power, then they should do so. However, he or she shouldn't be changed without permission. Who authorized the change? I believe this to be another example of government overstepping boundaries.


Santa Rosa

Time to move on

EDITOR: In rebuttal to Erik Holbek ("Using deadline force," Letters, Feb. 1), assuming that the deputy didn't know whether Andy Lopez was carrying a real weapon, a warning shot would have allowed Andy to turn around and fire an assault weapon. Shooting the child in the legs wouldn't have prevented him from firing the weapon at the deputies if it had been real.

The blame for all of this lies with Andy Lopez and his parents. It is a tragedy for all involved. However, it's done, over and cannot be reversed. The deputy gets to spend the rest if his life knowing he shot (not murdered) a kid, and Andy's parents have to mourn the loss of their son.

The continued protests and vigils do nothing to rectify the situation and only serve to pour gasoline on the fire and pour salt in the still-fresh wounds. Enough already.

I am a three-time Iraq war veteran and a veteran of the Kosovo conflict. I came home to my family because I eliminated perceived threats. Let the issue go. It's done, it's over and, frankly, I'm tired of hearing about it. It's time for Santa Rosa to move on. Never forget, but move on.


Santa Rosa

Carrillo's appointment

EDITOR: The headline on Friday's Empire section — "Carrillo named to Sonoma Clean Power board" — is a joke, or it should be.

Mr. Peeper should not even be a supervisor. His behavior would have cost him his job in the real world. Politicians have different standards.

Perhaps we should make him the Man of the Year or, better maybe, president.

No wonder the public is sick and tired of the people who are representing us.

At least I had a laugh of the day.


Santa Rosa

Fearing the needy

EDITOR: On Wednesday, I attended a community meeting in Santa Rosa regarding the opening of a small section of the fairgrounds to be used temporarily (three-month trial) by a limited number of homeless people living in their cars.

Any users would be screened by Catholic Charities, be subject to stringent rules and monitored by hired security. Approved participants will be able to stay in a limited, secure site with toilets, showers and other resources. All clients are subject to stringent rules.

Far too many local homeowners responded with fear — fear of the criminal element, sexual predators, fear of "those" people, ruined property values, environmental concerns, other cars with the homeless sleeping on their streets overnight, uninsured accidents. Any fear they could come up with.

Too bad more people did not come up with compassion.

I was surprised at the strength of NIMBY. It seemed that many people would have preferred to delay the program. For them, this was preferable to responding rapidly in order to save lives and protect people in a vulnerable situation.

I applaud the county, Catholic Charities and the fairgrounds for stepping up and protecting the homeless residents.


Santa Rosa