EDITOR: I'm writing regarding long-term unemployment benefits. Daily, I check and pray that long-term benefits will be reinstated. I've been putting in to the system for 42 years, and now my extended benefits have run out. What little money I received was cut 17.69 percent.

I worked for 42 years, 38 years with the same employer, thinking I would take an early retirement at the age of 62. That didn't happen. Instead I was laid off. Then the nightmare of finding new employment began. Even though I used a computer at work, I never owned one, and this is a must to look for work these days. That is an expense in itself. I wonder how many people laid off don't even know how to type or turn on a computer.

What happened to the time when finding a job was a simple task? You found an ad in the paper, called and they would interview you and test you. I'm sure that because of my age, my resume doesn't even get a glance.

Yes, just left high and dry. It is disgusting. I wonder how many people are in my boat.


Santa Rosa