Grant Cohn: Warriors coach Mark Jackson stirs up a storm (w/video)

Jackson admitted he wasn't sure how Bogut injured his shoulder, so why did Jackson guess? And why would he have to say the injury was legitimate? Was there a question about its legitimacy? And why would Jackson raise the sleeping issue or that Bogut might be brittle or unlucky? Why even go there? Is that a coaching tactic?

A confident coach doesn't talk like that. A confident coach knows the story and controls the narrative. He doesn't guess out loud at press conferences.

Jackson could have said, "I'm not really sure, please ask the trainers," or, "I feel uncomfortable commenting on a player's injury before I know everything about it." Those are acceptable answers.

Big surprise, Bogut didn't like Jackson's answer. Shortly after Jackson made it, Bogut hailed reporters in the Warriors' locker room before the game to set the record straight. Bogut said he hurt his shoulder against the Jazz on Jan 31, not in his sleep. "The sleeping comment is absolutely ridiculous," he said. "I don't know where it came from. I don't know if I should read between the lines with it."

Imagine a key player on the 49ers – Patrick Willis – saying that about Jim Harbaugh. Or a key player on the Giants saying that about Bruce Bochy. Wouldn't happen. Harbaugh and Bochy leave no room for interpretation. They keep it simple and control the messages they send to their players through the media. That's how most head coaches operate, even college coaches.

If a coach makes a mistake like Jackson made, says too much, offends his own player, the coach generally owns up to the mistake and fixes it.

Not Jackson.

After the game against the 76ers, a game the Warriors won by 43 points, Jackson sat at the podium with an irritated look on his face, waiting for the postgame press conference to begin. The first question was about Mareese Speights, who scored 32 points off the bench for the Warriors.

"Before I get to (Mareese)," Jackson said, "I want to address something from earlier. I made a statement about Andrew Bogut. My statement said "legitimate." My statement even said I had the same (injury at one time). My statement said he was hurt. Please don't twist my words."

Blaming the media.

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