Fort Bragg fire officials Thursday morning returned to the scene of an Airport Road house fire to investigate the cause of the blaze.

The fire, which started in a bedroom Wednesday evening, burned a few rooms of the small, single-story home. Heat and smoke seriously damaged the rest of the residence, said Fort Bragg Fire Chief Steve Orsi.

Residents also lost two small dogs in the blaze, Orsi said. A third dog was able to escape.

"It was devastating for the people," said Orsi about the loss of their pets.

About 20 Fort Bragg volunteer firefighters responded to the call.

Several were at the town's fire station for a meeting, so response to the fire was quick — six minutes for the first engine to arrive, Orsi said.

They found flames coming out windows and at least one bedroom engulfed.

A travel trailer parked just feet from the home was saved from the fire and crews also did well to keep the fire from consuming the home, said Orsi.

The residents were home at the time but didn't realize part of the building was burning until the fire had established itself in the bedroom. They called for help around 7 p.m.

He said at least three people resided at the home, which they were renting.

Airport Road is north east of Fort Bragg.