A Santa Rosa man faces the possibility of attempted murder, carjacking, and kidnapping charges after a fight with his girlfriend led to a violent drive early Friday morning through Sebastopol and ended in a crash just west of the city.

Wesley Parrish, 36, got in an argument with his girlfriend, whom police did not identify, in a parking lot near a bar in downtown Santa Rosa. The woman sought shelter in the back seat of her BMW, but Parrish jumped in the driver's seat and wrestled away the keys, said Sebastopol Police Sgt. Nick Belliveau.

He drove west through Sebastopol and, according to the woman, made threats to kill her, Belliveau said. Shortly before 1 a.m., the man pulled over at a Chevron in Sebastopol and the woman attempted to jump out. Parrish stepped out and wrestled her back in and continued westward.

After the struggle, the woman managed to call 9-1-1 on her cellphone and left the line open, allowing the dispatcher to track the vehicle's progress west.

Officers caught up with the pair only after the car had crashed into a barrier on the shoulder of Bodega Highway near Furlong Road, Belliveau said. Investigators believe Parrish intentionally steered the vehicle into the barrier.

Parrish suffered minor injuries in the crash. The woman was not injured in the crash, but reported she had wrenched her back in the struggle at the gas station, he said.

Parrish was being held in Sonoma County Jail without bail on Friday afternoon.