A 47-year-old fisherman who briefly called Fort Bragg home is facing federal firearm and vandalism charges after federal authorities tracked him down in the southeastern part of the country four months after his alleged deed, police said.

Brian Clay Stacy is accused in an Oct. 19 shooting in which someone used a 12-gauge shotgun for target practice on PG&E electrical equipment at a Grove Street substation in Fort Bragg, police said.

The shooting resulted in significant damage to the substation, Fort Bragg Police Chief Scott Mayberry said.

A witness who observed the shooter called police shortly after midnight, but the culprit had fled into some woods and could not be located, police said.

Six 12-gauge shotgun shells were left behind, along with a Fox riding jacket and a bicycle that matched one witnesses had seen being ridden in the area by a distinctive character with shaggy blond, shoulder length hair, police said at the time.

Investigators, working with the Department of Homeland Security, were able to put together evidence pointing to Stacy, who had recently arrived in Fort Bragg from Morro Bay, police said.

But it was months before federal officials obtained an indictment and tracked him down to what Mayberry thought was the state of Arkansas.

He said police were informed last week that Stacy had been arrested Jan. 29 for suspected vandalism and for suspected negligent discharge of a firearm.

He reportedly is awaiting extradition to California, Mayberry said.