A Santa Rosa man stabbed himself in the neck, arms and wrists early Wednesday afternoon after Sonoma County sheriff's deputies were called to his mother's home to remove him from the property.

The mother, a Santa Rosa woman, called 911 about 12:35 p.m. to report that she thought her son was under the influence of drugs and that she was afraid of him, the sheriff's office reported.

Deputies arrived to find the son, James Somersall, 44, sitting on the sidewalk in front of a home in the 800 block of McMinn Avenue, the sheriff's office reported.

When a deputy approached, he began to slice his neck with razor blades he had taped to a ballpoint pen, according to the sheriff's office. He then threw the pen into the street, the sheriff's office reported.

Deputies who sought to provide medical aid to Somersall discovered he had also cut his wrists and forearms.

Sheriff's officials said he was taken to Sutter Medical Center in Santa Rosa.

His condition was not immediately available Wednesday night.

Cal Fire findings on 12 Northern California wildfires

Those referred to the District Attorney indicate Cal Fire determined PG&E was in violation of state code.

Redwood fire (Mendocino County): 543 structures destroyed, 9 deaths, 36,523 acres burned. The fires started in two locations when trees or tree parts fell onto PG&E power lines.

Nuns, Norrbom, Adobe, Partrick & Pythian fires (Sonoma and Napa counties): 1,355 structures destroyed; 3 deaths, 56,556 acres burned (Sonoma and Napa counties); all but Nuns fire referred to District Attorney.
• Nuns: Broken top of a tree crashed into powerlines.
• Norrbom: Tree fell onto powerlines.
• Adobe: Tree fell into PG&E powerline.
• Partrick: Oak tree fell into PG&E powerlines.
• Pythian: The fire started with a downed powerline caused after PG&E tried to re-energize the line.

Atlas fire (Napa County): 783 structures burned, 51,624 acres burned, 6 deaths; referred to the District Attorney.

Sulphur fire (Lake County): 2,207 acres, 162 structures destroyed; referred to the District Attorney. Fire ignited when a PG&E power pole failed, causing power lines and equipment to contact the ground.

Pocket fire (Sonoma County): 6 structures destroyed, 17,357 acres burned; referred to the District Attorney.

37 fire (Sonoma County): 3 structures destroyed, 1,660 acres burned (Sonoma County). PG&E distribution lines started an electrical fire.

Blue fire (Humboldt County): 20 acres burned; referred to the District Attorney. A PG&E powerline conductor separated from a connector, causing the conductor to fall to the ground and start a fire.

Cherokee fire (Butte County): 6 structures destroyed, 8,417 acres burned. Fire started when tree limbs made contact with PG&E powerlines.


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