GOP and jobs

EDITOR: I find it humorous that House Speaker John Boehner would ask, "Where are the jobs?" ("White House says stimulus bill was good for economy," Tuesday) Boehner, Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Mitch McConnell are part of a team that has been waving its magic wand to create jobs since the beginning of the Bush administration. They lowered tax rates to stimulate the economy and create jobs, then lowered rates again on dividends and capital gains. That was supposed to encourage the average person to save. That policy might seem to reward millionaire investors who put their money in companies that work overseas, while punishing American wage earners who can be subject to a higher tax rate. It almost seems like a war on jobs, but that sounds harsh.

Back then, with a Republican president and Congress, they could have created any sort of health care policy they could dream up, but they decided that invading Afghanistan and Iraq, without taxes to pay the cost, nor plans to get out, was more important.

We are living the tax-cutting, economy-stimulating, job-creating dream these guys helped create, and we must need more of it, because that's the only thing that's going to fix our problems.

Maybe another war someplace would help, too.