Judging Ravitch

EDITOR: Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch was given plenty of space to defend her handling of the Andy Lopez case now that the police report was concluded ("A need for accountability, process and patience in Andy Lopez case," Close to Home, Saturday). However, she forgot to mention the upcoming June primary election in which some of her words in her campaign for the position she was elected to four years earlier have come back to haunt her. So she is asking us to trust her until after the June primary; then her decision not to indict the Sonoma County sheriff will be announced.

Unfortunately for Ravitch, she may have done a good job running the Sonoma County District Attorney's Office since being elected, but she is being judged on the Andy Lopez case. This is called leadership. Unfortunately, local politics have taken over the situation.


Santa Rosa

The D.A. race

EDITOR: I have been reading in your paper the comments Deputy District Attorney Victoria Shanahan has been making about both the Andy Lopez case and a potential death penalty case. As an attorney of many years, I am surprised that she is commenting publicly on pending criminal cases. Under the California Rules of Professional Conduct, such comment is unethical.

I also find it disingenuous that as she calls for greater transparency, she fails to mention that the deputy district attorney handling the potential death penalty case is her campaign manager. If this is the way she would run the District Attorney's Office, Jill Ravitch has my vote.


Santa Rosa