The CHP expects a spate of recent incidents in which water bottles were thrown from a truck at moving vehicles in the Santa Rosa area to end, after the truck's owner came forward Saturday.

The owner of a white Toyota Tacoma shown in photos released Friday contacted the CHP through a lawyer, Officer Jon Sloat said.

The owner does not appear to have been involved in the attacks that occurred in Santa Rosa and west of the city in the past two weeks, Sloat said, adding that the CHP is still investigating the incident.

"This appears to have been juveniles," Sloat said. "The owner may have loaned out the truck."

The CHP has not received any more reports of incidents since Friday, and Sloat said he expects the attacks will stop now that the vehicle has been identified.

Witnesses identified the truck, and the CHP released a photos of the suspected vehicle taken from a security camera at the Santa Rosa Transit Mall.

The CHP reported as many as 10 incidents of a motorist throwing full water bottles at oncoming vehicles.

Two of the cases involved school buses. In one of the attacks, the bottle shattered the windshield and sprayed the driver with glass. The driver's minor injuries elevates the investigation to a felony case. There were no children on either bus at the time of the attacks.

Sloat did not release the name of the truck owner or anyone else suspected of being involved. No one has been taken into custody, he said.

"We're waiting to gather more evidence," he said. "Right now, no one will admit to being in the truck."

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