Where the calories are

EDITOR: I would like to say a few words about sugary drinks ("Drinking problem?" Thursday). I am looking at my TV, and I see a very large comestible. It starts with a white flour bun and follows through with a larger-than-the bun beef patty with a few slices of bacon, a nice slice of fake cheese (melting, so plenty of fat content) and, I am willing to bet, some form of oil-based dressing on the bun halves. But wait. There is a large sugary drink beside it. Ah, that's where the calories are.

I visit my obese neighbor. She is having lunch with her equally heavy friend. They are having spaghetti with pesto. They are sharing a sauce pan with warm olive oil for dipping sour dough bread. But wait, the sugary drink they are enjoying is right there, and guess what is making these ladies fat? Dang, it's that sugary drink.

Please, can we get back to sanity here?


Santa Rosa