Tuesday's Letters to the Editor

Makers and takers

EDITOR: The takers/makers argument that is going on in our nation can be heard right here in Sonoma County with regard to county worker's pensions. Taxes do not pay 100 percent of a county worker's pension since 65 percent to 70 percent of a worker's retirement is funded by gains made from investments. Yet there are those who seem to think that they should have 100 percent control over how much a pension should be.

Following that line of logic, I guess that anyone who pays federal taxes should dictate to the oil companies how much they should pay their workers since they rake in millions in federal subsidies each year.

Maybe taxpayers should dictate corporate policy to Wal-Mart since its workers are paid so little that they have to rely on federal aid to get by. Since big business enjoys so many government handouts, I wonder who the real takers are?



Mall security

EDITOR: A few months ago, my shopping bags were stolen from me at the Santa Rosa Plaza. It was almost $200 worth of freshly purchased merchandise. I talked to the store manager where it was stolen and mall security, and I could not get a single person to take action or even care that it had happened.

I told them I knew the exact moment my bags were taken, perhaps there was video footage? They didn't care. Did they want to write a report, in case it happens again to someone else? Nope. I began to wonder what their purpose was, if not to protect commerce. Now I know. It's too harass peaceful protestors ("Mall says it regrets treatment of activists," Friday).


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