A wanted man found hiding under a play structure in a Windsor park was arrested Monday on a warrant for violating parole as well as resisting arrest and battery.

Donald Giannini, 48, of Santa Rosa, came to law enforcement's attention Monday about noon when someone reported being assaulted by Giannini on Commons Court in Windsor. The person was not injured.

Sonoma County Sheriff's property crimes detectives had been looking for Giannini because of a parole violation, said Sheriff's Sgt. Mike Raasch. Giannini was on parole from a conviction for possession of stolen property when Oakland police arrested him in February on suspicion of burglary, Raasch said. But Giannini gave police his brother's name instead of his own, Raasch said. For that reason, police didn't know that Giannini was on parole and he was allowed to get out on bail.

But then a Sonoma County Sheriff's detective recognized Giannini and informed Oakland police who he was, prompting a no-bail warrant for parole violation.

When Windsor police arrived on Monday, Giannini fled, Raasch said. Police chasing him lost sight and couldn't find him after a search that lasted 1 1/2 hours. About 2 p.m., someone saw Giannini emerge from blackberry bushes near Star and Windsor River roads and the chase resumed. Finally, at 3:20 p.m., someone reported that she saw Giannini hiding under a play structure in Old Vineyard Park.

He was arrested after a short struggle with deputies, and taken to Sonoma County Jail.