Tuesday's Letters to the Editor

Stop springing forward

EDITOR: There is no longer any purpose for daylight saving time. Why do we spring forward only to be engulfed in darkness at 7:30 a.m.? Most adults in America are commuting to work at this hour, and we all know it is significantly easier to drive in light than darkness. The dark also affects the morning routines of children walking to school as their routes are harder to manage and their safety is jeopardized.

Society has changed over time, and people no longer need sunlight at 9:30 p.m. Most people are already in their houses watching television and don't care if it's light outside. Many countries around the world including Europe have realized the unimportance of daylight saving time and have decided to quit the program.

Studies such as those done by PhysOrg say that energy use goes up during daylight saving time — the opposite of its intent.

Let's just put the stress of changing the clock, driving to work and walking to school in the dark behind us. Daylight saving time helped in the past, but society no longer needs it. It's time for the program to come to an end.


Santa Rosa

A sad sight

EDITOR: While driving on Petaluma Hill Road recently, I was dismayed to see 12 dead animals in various states of decay. Having already invaded their natural habitats with stretches of highway and speedy vehicles, we can at least respect 55 mph speed limits and stay alert. A bit of guilt and a thought for these dead animals never hurts either. We owe them this much.


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