A Lakeport man was arrested and charged this week with a series of thefts of equipment and gasoline that took place in February, including a break-in of the Lake County Vector Control equipment yard, police said.

Alexander Gene Gard, 18, who police said is a suspect in the string of burglaries, was booked on suspicion of possession of cannabis, possession of stolen property and burglary, among other charges. Searches of his vehicle and his home Wednesday turned up more stolen property including items taken from the Vector Control yard, drugs and drug paraphernalia, a .22 caliber rifle and ammunition, police said.

Two occupants of Gard's house who were on the scene when the warrant was served, were also arrested. They were Gary Lee Gard, 55, and Alicia Sarris, 50, both of Lakeport. They were booked on charges including being armed in the commission of felony and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.