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Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

Guns on campus

EDITOR: Idaho's bill permitting firearms on college campuses is in its final stages after the House of Representatives passed it on Thursday. After ignoring a large portion of the student body and Idaho police departments, Idaho's legislature plans to allow citizens access to firearms through a minor eight-hour weapon training course.

Kelby Monks, a student at Boise State and backer of the bill, believes that having more people in the possession of firearms would prevent a mass shooting. Yes, I believe I stated that correctly. Idaho legislators have decided to grant every stressed student — which researchers have confirmed to be linked to aggression — the right to carry a loaded firearm to school. Not only would this bill strongly increase the chances for a school shooting, but it would also place fear and paranoia into the hearts of nearly every Idaho college student, leaving them unaware of whether a turn of a corner will be their last.

Do guns kill people? Or do people kill people? Regardless of answer, giving guns to more people certainly won't help the situation.


Santa Rosa

Healthy food

EDITOR: Constance S. Miller's letter ("Where the calories are," Feb. 22) exemplifies the nutritional misconception spreading across the U.S. like wildfire: calories make you fat.

Miller concludes it's ridiculous to recognize sugary drinks as what fattens us when foods such as pasta also have high calories. There are calories in all foods, and, while calorie count is relevant, the composition of food — protein, sugar, fiber, starch — is equally important.

People believe that calories are the key. On the contrary, we need to pay attention to the type of food we consume because healthy foods and unhealthy foods can have the same calorie count. For example, nuts, quinoa, avocados and bananas are all high in calories. However, those foods provide our bodies with essential nutrients that chips and Big Macs do not.

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