Krauthammer's world

EDITOR: Ah, to glimpse the sanguine workings of the conservative mind. They despise Vladimir Putin as a bloodthirsty fiend, yet love him because he's making somebody else they despise look weak, namely their own president. No matter that Barack Obama has dispatched more bombs, cruise missiles and drone assassinations than all the Nobel Peace Prize winners combined (Henry Kissinger, possibly excepted), he's a wussy because — ready? — he isn't eager to shed oceans of blood as a quivering reactionary.

If only he had followed the Charles Krauthammer peace plan: bomb Iran (for peace), bomb Libya (it's "justice," not revenge), bomb Syria, Ukraine, Crimea.

As a doctor, Krauthammer certainly knows the value of humanitarian bombing. It makes us "strong" and polishes our haloes because it's about peace, not the tawdry excuses of other nations (power, territory, dominion). And it worked so beautifully in Iraq. And Afghanistan, Vietnam and Korea.

But although we're weak, there is no U.S. financial emergency. The country's wealth suddenly vanishes into the back pockets of a handful of Wall Street creeps, who stash it patriotically overseas in order to shirk their tax obligations, and that's A-OK with conservative America. Apparently if your 401(k) savings vanish, it makes you "strong."