EDITOR: I am shocked that the upright, educated citizens of Sonoma County have allowed the vital matter of Sonoma's historic door to rest ("Council backs shop's pink paint," March 4). How can we let a business desecrate a precious artifact of local history?

I cannot comprehend why this periodical would print editorials about the revolution in Ukraine or President Barack Obama's budget plan for the coming year. We have no reason to desire better understanding of outsiders.

Rather than allowing our attention to wander to the civil war tearing Syria to shreds, to the thousands of refugees starving in the Middle East's war-ravaged cities, to the law passed in Uganda that condemns homosexuals to death, I would like to read articles about the Sonoma County's pageants and troublesome weather patterns.

Let us focus our thoughts on our tiny microcosm, the day-to-day events in our local communities, and ignore the life-changing events rocking the balance of the modern world.

I am convinced that any articles concerning matters not directly affecting the Bay Area should not be printed, as the only society or culture of any value is our own.


Santa Rosa