Several crashes occurred in Sonoma County Thursday morning, including two along Highway 101 in Santa Rosa that extensively tied up northbound traffic.

One collision including a four-vehicle wreck on Highway 101 that left spilled milk on the roadway, according to a CHP report.

No injuries were involved in the 8:05 a.m. crash, according to initial reports.

It happened on northbound Highway 101 just south of the connector to Highway 12.

Initial reports indicated two pickups and two sedans collided, briefly blocking three lanes and resulting in traffic backed up into southern Santa Rosa.

No further details were available from CHP regarding the spill except for a brief report saying there was milk in the roadway.

Within the hour, a two-vehicle collision occurred on northbound Highway 101, just north of Todd Road.

An ambulance responded to that 8:50 a.m. crash and transported at least one person for injuries.

Also Thursday morning, the CHP responded to a three-vehicle collision on Highway 12 just east of Llano Road.

That crash was reported at 8:14 a.m. and didn't include injuries, according to the preliminary report.